The project seeks to share knowledge and best practice through sustainable social inclusion and creative active aging initiatives for adult women. The activities contemplated are a direct contribution to the lives of women aged over 50, not working outside of the active life, their wellbeing and participation in society, through fashion workshops using a methodology tested in 4 Portuguese cities since 2013. A special impact is also sought in adult educators & young designers and students.

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K2 – Erasmus+ 2022

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The project From Granny to Trendy Workshops (Spanish Edition) aims to fill the gap in occupational activities offered to women over 50, offering to them a sewing workshop where they can meet, talk, create and learn with each other. As a result, we promote new skills, preserve the environment and promote the sharing of new experiences and knowledge, in an intervention model that promotes social inclusion in a creative way.

For us, age is an asset. Every woman has her individual talents, stories, passions and skills that, when empowered, make each one feel more and more useful and special. Whether through our workshops or our fashion shows we demonstrate the full potential and beauty of these women and the care and passion with which they work in something that gives them pleasure.

The project aims to empower and value women’s knowledge, where emotional ties and self-esteem are stimulated in partnership with the community and where these women can simply be themselves, regardless of their condition or age. We also emphasize the value and beauty of the age through a fashion show and professional photography sessions, where these women are not only the creators of the pieces, but also the models demonstrating that «old are the rags» but that even these can have a new life. 

The project is a pilot of the already successful Portuguese Granny to Trendy workshops that have been running since 2013. 

Video Summary of the Pilot in Spain can be found below: 


MANUAL for activities

Pilot of «From Granny to Trendy» workshops in Spain will follow the established
5 phase methodology of the original Portuguese workshops. 

These 5 phases take place in two stages for their optimum implementation.

Below is the From Granny to Trendy Spain Manual available and of open access:

FGTT Spain Manual by Vintage for a Cause is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Activities in Stage I

1) Diagnosis of the needs

2) Training of monitors.

Activities in Stage II

3) Selection + enrolling of the participants.

4) Workshop implementation.  

5) Evaluation and communication dissemination activities.


The workshops began February 2023 and ended December 2023. Sewing workshops and two before and after photography sessions with a professional photographer to illustrate the before and after looks worked on by the participants in the sewing workshops. All photos were part of the exhibition and can be found in the document below. 


Below are photos of the ongoing workshops of the Pilot in Zaragoza, Spain.

See all photos of the before and after here >


Captura de Pantalla 2023-02-07 a las 13.22.08


IMF is a Spanish non-profit NGO that mainly works in International Cooperation for Development focused in marginalized women empowering and childhood support. Areas of activity: International Cooperation for Development, Social Action in Spain, Awareness-raising, Volunteering, Fair Trade.

Activities and experience:

  • Social Action Projects of the Foundation are developed mainly in Zaragoza, Spain. Through its own projects or collaborations with other social entities, the Foundation contributes to improving the quality of life of the elderly, reducing the digital divide in childhood and promoting intercultural dialogue, mainly among women.
  • International Cooperation for Development Projects of the NGO are mainly focused in women empowerment involving from health and education to capacity building and Income Generation Activities. IMF runs more than 25 projects, with up to 65.000 beneficiaries.

Vintage for a Cause (VC) is circular economy brand with social commitment, focused on reusing textile waste through upcycling while empowering unemployed women over 50.

Within a collaborative platform framework, the brand creates limited editions of timeless designs, gathering, engaging and influencing different stakeholders throughout the value chain towards a more sustainable production and consumption.

Our mission is to lead and inspire a sustainable way to do fashion. VC proposes to provide a unique framework that appeals to a smoother transition to more sustainable production and consumption models, minimizing the expenses and risks for each agent of the value chain.

With more than 20 years of education experience, Hacer Creativo is a HEI accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education, in the field of Fashion and Graphic Design. HC combines academic theory with industry reality to ensure students are educated to succeed in an increasingly demanding market. 

HC, is certified to offer Certificates of Professional Standards on Alterations and Adjustments of Garments and articles in textile and leather (TCPF0109) for the improvement of workplace modules.

The college is active in collaborating in the organization and coordination of projects, conferences, workshops for its students, professors, professionals and the community in general.



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